Tips for Thank You Letters

Congratulations Scholarship Winners

Your scholarship thank you letters should be hard-copy letters on professional resume paper stock. Do not use email to write your thank you letter.

Use a high-quality word processing program that allows you to use spelling and grammar correction tools. You should print your letters using a high-resolution printer that you would use to print a resume.

Even though it is a "formal" letter, do not be hesitant to make it your own. You should comment on the impact the scholarship has had on your future and even a few short sentences about what you expect to accomplish thanks in part to the scholarship.

Offer brief information on your educational and geographic background up to this point and make sure to explicitly name the scholarship. Have someone else review your letter.

A copy of your letter should be sent to:

NAAA Warren Young, Sr.
Scholastic Foundation
Attention: NAAAWYSF Vice President Frank Hackett
5320 Spectrum Drive, Suite D
Frederick, MD 21703

Download Letters:

Sample Letter 1 Sample Letter 2 Sample Letter 3